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 Unsounded and Red Moon Rising

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Unsounded and Red Moon Rising Empty
PostSubject: Unsounded and Red Moon Rising   Unsounded and Red Moon Rising EmptyWed Sep 11, 2013 1:23 pm

I read roughly 5,544,652.37 webcomics, but the two that are consistently at the top of my list (besides this one) are Unsounded by Ashley Cope and Red Moon Rising by Rose Loughran. They both have amazing art and storylines. Unsounded updates three times a week, and RMR updates Mondays (although the author frequently gets sick, so sometimes they're delayed).

I'd post links, but apparently I'm not allowed to for seven days because I'm a new member... Anyway, Unsounded:
Quote :
Some dead men tell tales, and some little girls have tails...
Daughter of the Lord of Thieves, Sette Frummagem is on a mission, and she'll lie, cheat, and steal to make sure it's a success (she'll lie, cheat, and steal anyway). Condemned to aid her in her rotten endeavours is a rotten corpse who seems oddly talented with the supernatural, and oddly not laying motionless in the dirt.

The road is long and no one is what they seem. Never trust a thief, and never trust anyone who won't let you look into their eyes.

Red Moon Rising:
Quote :
When her brother abruptly flees the capital for reasons unknown, Adrianna is dragged into a mess of politics and scandal by the nation’s military, who seem to have an unusually keen interest in finding him.

Red Moon Rising is a full-colour steampunk fantasy webcomic set in the midst of a magic-fuelled industrial society, following one person’s mistake and the knock-on effect it has on the people and the world around them.

Anyone else read these?
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Unsounded and Red Moon Rising
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