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 City of reality

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PostSubject: City of reality   City of reality EmptyTue Sep 10, 2013 12:03 pm

I'll start with one of my most favourite comics.

City of reality The_city_of_reality___full_speed_ahead_by_tran4of3-d4yow6b
In Reality everyone is nice, terrifyingly nice and has a dark secret... Except they don't. They are just really nice by nature and wouldn't think of not being.

The comic follows AV, Todo and Hawk, members of SUEPR team 5 while they deal with domestic issues, such as trapped kittens, local robbery and rampaging dinosaurs; and in their quest to bring their realistic ways to all the worlds through The Expanse.

Good points: Well constructed world, fitting art and engaging storyline and characters. The author also exploits the webcomic medium with several interactive pages and choose your own adventure chapters and stuff.

Bad points: The updating rate seems to have gone down lately and you need to watch out for chapter 7, because of a thing. Remember to click the link under the page at that point.
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City of reality
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